Thursday, 13 September 2012

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 13

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 13

1. How do you highlight totals in a report?
a. Roll-up summary field
b. Formula field
c. Custom summary field
d. Summary totals

Ans. d

2. In Master-Detail relationship scenario the fields of the parent object need to be displayed in the related list. How will a developer design this?
a. Cross-object formula field
b. Workflow rule
c. Validation rule
d. Assignment rule

Ans. a

3. When you create a custom tab for a custom object, what are the features that are available by default? Please select two (2) choices.
a. Sidebar search object
b. Custom reporting
c. Quick create
d. Ability to track activity

Ans. a,c

4. When creating a sharing rule, what entities can data be shared to? Please select three (3) choices.
a. Public groups
b. Users
c. Roles
d. Roles and subordinates
e. Queues

Ans. a,c,d

5. Select the edition that is NOT available today.
a. Professional
b. Unlimited
c. Enterprise
d. Premium

Ans. d


  1. which sfdc edition is not available today here answer is premium somewhere i read unlimited

  2. premium is not available today

  3. the correct answer is unlimited. the existing users are given option to move to professional edition, however it will be supported but no new unlimited edition can be purchased.

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