Saturday, 1 September 2012

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 8

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 8

1. What are the data types that are supported by a formula field? Please select three (3) choices.
a. Text
b. Percent
c. E-mail
d. Currency
e. Phone

Ans. a,b,d

2. An organization wants to create a field to store manager data on the user object. The manager field is a reference to another user record. What type of relationship should be used?
a. Master-Detail
b. Hierarchical
c. Lookup
d. Many-to-many

Ans. b

3. has notified you that they have enabled the ability to update audit fields for your organization. When inserting a record which field can you set?
a. CreatedDate
b. IsDeleted
c. SysModStamp
d. UpdatedDate

Ans. a

4. Select the features that are available through custom report types. Please select two (2) items.
a. Define object relationships and fields for reports
b. Define up to 4 object relationships
c. Define anti-join relationships
d. Create analytic snapshot reports

Ans. a,b

5. When creating a sharing rule, what entities can data be shared to? Please select three (3) choices.
a. Public groups
b. Users
c. Roles
d. Roles and subordinates
e. Queues

Ans. a,c,d

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