Thursday, 13 September 2012

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 14

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 14

1. Within a custom recruiting application, Universal Containers uses a custom position object to track positions. Positions expire 90 days after they have been approved. A Workflow Rule is in place to send an email to the hiring manager listed on a position 15 days before the expiration date. What will happen if the expiration date of a position is extended by 30 days?
A. An email will be sent 15 days before the original expiration date.
B. An email will be sent 15 days before the updated expiration date.
C. An email will be sent on the original expiration date.
D. An email will not be sent.

Ans. b

2. A developer wants to ensure that when a parent record is deleted, child records are not deleted. Which relationship should the developer choose?
A. Lookup.
B. Master-detail
C. Many-to-many
D. Master-to-master

Ans. a

3. Which statement is true about a custom tab?
A. It can only be included in one application.
B. It can only be included in standard applications.
C. It can be included in as many applications as desired.
D. It can only be included in custom applications.

Ans. c

4. When would a developer use upsert and external IDs? (There are two correct answers.)
A. To integrate with an external system.
B. To migrate customizations from sandbox to production.
C. To load related records without knowing Salesforce record IDs.
D. To use the Web Services API to query for data.

Ans. a,c

5. A group of executives has requested a convenient way to see daily metrics without having to log in to Salesforce. How would a developer accomplish this goal?
A. Set the users’ home page layouts to include a dashboard.
B. Create a Workflow rule that sends a link to the dashboard in an email.
C. Schedule the dashboard for daily refresh and email distribution.
D. Create a series of daily recurring events providing the dashboard link.

Ans. c

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