Saturday, 1 September 2012

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 6

Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 6

1. In a recruiting application a position that is of type critical should not be kept open for more than 14 days. How will you develop the business logic to cater to this?
a. Time-dependant workflow action to send an e-mail to the owner after 14 days
b. Time-dependant workflow action to send the record for review to owner after 14 days
c. Time-dependant workflow action to send an e-mail to the owner before 14 days
d. Time-dependant workflow action to close the position after 14 days

Ans. a

2. A job application object has a child review object to store candidate reviews. The review needs to be tracked between a score of 1 to 5. The score has to be a choice between 1 and 5 displayed as a radio button. How will a developer cater to this requirement?
a. Create 5 fields for scores (1 to 5) of type radio-button and use it in review page layout
b. Create a dependent picklist that feeds the radio button type field
c. Create a formula field
d. Create a Visualforce page with radio buttons for the review object

Ans. d

3. In a data model object A is related to B, B is related to C. How will a developer create a report to include fields of A and C?
a. Create lookup relationships between A,B and C
b. Create a custom report type with A, B and C, and use it in the report
c. Create a custom report with A and C fields as relationships already exist
d. Report cannot be created

Ans. b

4. An application was designed without considering whether requirements for reports include dashboards. Out of the following statements which one is TRUE?
a. The data model will support all the requirements of the application, including reports and dashboards
b. Reports are part of the application and application design will take care of it
c. No special considerations for reports or dashboards are required as Salesforce can natively take care of the requirements
d. The data model and the application will not cater for reports and dashboards

Ans. d

5. A recruiting application has a position object that contains location, department and other information relating to a position. We need to create a report that is grouped by department but not by locations. What is the best type of report a developer would choose?
a. Summary report
b. Tabular report
c. Matrix report
d. A report using Visualforce

Ans. a


  1. for question 1 I think answer should be C. Action is to inform owner, so that owner can take the required action to fill up the position. It can happen before 14 days. If owner is informed after 14 days he can just close position but cannot really act to fill up.

  2. This question is also in the developer certification handbook and it gives the answer as B. (I had thought it was C also)

  3. answer of first question is B in handbook.

    1. Yes, But there is no option to send record for review in work flows :-) so the answer will be A.

  4. Why the answer to the 1st question here cannot be D - By the field update action, the position can be closed at the end of 14th day/on 15th day.
    Can anyone please explai.

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